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VITAPHONE BOOTH of the screening room at Vitagraph Studios in Flatbush NY, which Harry Warner bought in March 1925 and used to film the first Vitaphone shorts beginning that August.

This is a still from "VOICE FROM THE SCREEN" which demonstrates the recording process at Warner's Vitagraph Studio. See it here on the Western Electric MOVIE page

the Vitaphone Project


Devoted to the restoration of Vitaphone and early sound movies. The project has located over 3000 privately owned soundtrack discs and has assisted in restoring over 35 shorts and 12 features. This is a very worthwhile group that can use your help to locate soundtrack discs & film elements. Check out their website:

"THE SPEED OF SOUND" - Hollywood and the Talkie Revolution, by Scott Eyman 1997

An entertaining and informative book about the development of sound movies by Western Electric and Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. booth in Hollywood


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